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Grooming services

I am familiar with all breeds and their grooming requirements. At Heart Dog, we focus on toy through medium-sized dogs (We currently don’t groom dogs larger than 45 pounds). I specialize in safe, calm, and patient handling, along with many different techniques and styles of grooming, including but not limited to, pet clips, Shih-Tzu’s, doodles, double coated breeds, mixed breeds, pet and show style trims on Bichons, Cockers, and many more….

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basic services

Prep hair cut
Toenails trimmed and/or filed
Pads cleaned
Sanitary area trimmed
Bath with premium shampoo tailored to individual pet
Hand dried
Ears cleaned
Ear Hair Pulled (by request)
Anal glands expressed externally (by request)
Finished trim or tidy

breed specific

pattern clips

Basic Grooming Service
Patterned clips on coat length under ¾”

breed specific

full scissor

Basic Grooming Service
Patterns and hand scissoring on coat length over ¾”

grooming service


Heart Dog prices reflect quality grooming for your pet. I believe each pet deserves the best  therefore prices are all inclusive. Select your heart dog’s size below to see pricing by service for your beloved pet.

TOY (under 8 lbs.)

a dog that can be easily carried all day in a cute doggie purse.
Example: Chihuahua     Weight: Dogs under 8lbs.

BASIC · $50.00
PATTERNED · $55.00
MINI (under 13 lbs.)

a dog that can be carried here and there, but not all day and won’t fit into that cute doggie purse.
Example: Shih-Tzu     Weight: Dogs under 13 lbs.

BASIC · $55.00
PATTERNED · $60.00
SMALL (under 25 lbs.)

A dog that travels well in a medium sized vari-kennel, but prefers to walk on a leash. Example: Cocker Spaniel, Cockapoo     Weight: dogs under 25 lbs.

BASIC · $60.00
PATTERNED · $70.00
MEDIUM (under 45 lbs.)

A dog that can be picked up and placed on a grooming table, but is to big to carry. Likes to try and be a lap dog, but is a little too big.
Example: Springer Spaniel     Weight: under 45lbs.

BASIC · $75.00
PATTERNED · $85.00

Breed/Coat Examples: Chihuahua, Boxer

Toy  $30.00
Mini  $35.00
Small   $40.00
Medium   $50.00

This price list includes a bath with premium shampoo, conditioner, nail trim and/or file, hand dry, ear cleaning, and anal glands expression externally (by request)


Paw Soothing Soak

Nail Painting

Walk-in Nail Trim
Nail trims included in full grooming services

Hand Stripping/Carding
for terrier and sporting breeds

Excessive Matting Fee
added to basic grooming price for severely matted pets



Frequent grooming helps maintain healthy skin and coat, reduce matting and improve foot health with frequent nail trimming. Discounts are applied off regular grooming prices that take place 3 weeks or less from your pet’s last grooming session.


At 3 weeks or less, you can also choose the option for a ‘tune up’, for in-between groomings. This includes: bath, brush, nails, sani, and light face trim. Tune ups are not available on double coated or full coated breeds.

maintenance schedule discounts

4+ Weeks
Regular Price

3 weeks
10% off

2 weeks
15% off

20% off

Tune up
20%-40% off



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